What do our clients say?

Mel Merrett

I can't rate prepare2lose highly enough, they really get it, understanding the need to balance normal working life with regular exercise and healthy eating to achieve your own personal goals. Tom is patient, understanding and fair, but at the same time pushes you to do better than you ever thought you could. 

Lisa Pollard

Before Lisa started with prepare2lose.com she was fed up & stuck in a rut. Lisa tried various 'weight loss' diets including weight watchers, sure she lost weight but soon gained it back & more. Lisa didn't feel particularly fit, she hated running and was certain she would fail and ultimately quit this new 'phase' she was going through.

During our initial consultation we set out a plan of action to help her move on from any issues she had regarding her body image, 'diet brain' and stress management. With her determination, strong & positive mental attitude towards health, fitness and more importantly LIFE! The weight started to literally DROP off her body.

This is the text Lisa sent me yesterday, still with slight 'doubt' in her own ability.

"think i now qualify to attend your weekend boot camp!!! Thanks to your help we completed our 5k obstacle challenge yesterday in under an hour & jogged the majority of the way 😃 See u weds" 

Heath Nicoll

I contacted Tom to help me to change my lifestyle and start losing some weight and get fitter. After reading his profile his general approach to what he offered seemed perfect to my goals because he's been there himself. What he offers is quite unique. I've used personal trainers at gyms before and for the cost you pretty much just get a generic workout and no nutritional advice or support. Tom tailors the eating plan and workouts to your body composition and the goal you want to achieve, it doesn't end there though he constantly keeps in touch with you to find out how you are progressing and offers support or motivation to help you reach your goals. The gym and outdoor workouts he puts you through are hard he pushes you to get the extra rep out because he wants you to challenge yourself and not give up. I've seen results and I'm continuing to see results but it's like anything in life the only person that can get them is you, Tom will help you achieve them. I can't recommend him enough he's a great PT and a good guy that's genuinely passionate about what he does and his clients. 

Bin Huggett

Tom is a great motivator without pushing you to the point of throwing up, he encourages you to push yourself to your own personal best and this is for me a perfect way to train. The session itself is so varied so there's no chance of getting bored with a repetitious circuit. Tom ensures you work each part of your body to guarantee an all over workout. Everyone that attends is so lovely and friendly, you make friends as you workout, a win win!!! 

Lancelot Fougere

Best investment this year. If you want to lose weight or get fit then Tom is your man. Such a gentle soul and really gives you the motivation to hit your goals. I was so impressed with how he works. Thank you Tom. 

Julie 'Evans' Davies

I would highly recommend Tom. He is very knowledgeable while also being approachable. His training sessions are so much fun you forget the hard work that you're putting in! 

More from our amazing clients

Ka-Wai Ko

Loved the boot camp! Tom is great and easy to work with, very thoughtful for the different abilities! The variety of exercises covered really worked every muscle in my body. Great fun way to start the Sunday morning! 

Liliana Lee

I've not exercised for over 2 years and needed a push start and this is it. Started on Sunday and loved it. The circuit is designed for all abilities and exercises are designed for all parts of the body. Exactly what I am looking for. Tom is very welcoming and makes you feel as ease from the start. Looking forward Saturday's session. 

Katie Buttrick

Done my first session today!! And I can feel it working already :) everyone was so friendly thank you Tom x 

Sophie Horner

Went to the weekend weight loss and loved it!!!!!! Tom was brilliant and I've never done anything like it before! Will definitely be going back and recommending to everyone I know! Brilliant!!!! 

Bekah Latteman

Went to the weekend weight loss this morning and enjoyed it so much! Tom was brilliant and I never knew a boot camp could be so fun! Will definitely be going again!! 

Senel Besim

Love Toms boot camp! He is really friendly and approachable and it's not at all intimidating. He takes to time to explain each of the exercises and makes sure that everyone is comfortable with what they are doing. 

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