my weight loss battle


This was me, Tom, overweight and unhappy.

Back then I wouldn't think twice about quitting or giving up, because it was the easiest option.  I practically wrote the book on excuses.

Losing weight and remaining lean isn't as easy as most people think, believe me. 

In the past I have worked with many clients who have had a hard time shifting just a few pounds and also some clients with more complex weight loss issues, including myself.
As a health & fitness professional, that's not ideal. Unfortunately in some cases, it's not as simple as just eating less and moving more. I have worked with all different kinds of people, while working in lots of gyms and fitness centres over the years.
During this time I have struggled to keep at a healthy weight myself, especially my teenage years and in my mid twenties. I started out as this chubby 16 year old working at my local gym, straight out of school. I think the gym owner either felt sorry for me or saw something in me I didn't. Nevertheless, I persevered and worked off my 'puppy' fat, as I remember it being called. I would think "when would this puppy fat go?"

The extra pounds did eventually go through lots of exercise and riding my push bike to work. Sure enough the weight came back with a vengeance, as soon as I got my first car. At the time I thought, that's normal right? first car, less walking/riding, gain weight. Simple! However this scenario occurred a few times in my life from 16 to 28 years old (I'm now 33), my weight would creep up. I'd take note and jump to action hitting the treadmill, then life would happen and before I knew it I'd be right back where I started, overweight. The shocking fact was that the weight was becoming easier to gain and gaining at an alarming rate.

I was convinced my case for weight loss was a rare one. Until now do I understand there are many people like me out there, fighting their own weight gain battles.

It has taken years of studying health, fitness, weight loss and nutrition while trying and testing physical and physiological research on myself to discover how and why our bodies react the way they do to certain food and exercise. In time, I have learnt why our bodies behave in a way that can promote fast weight gain, and the affects poor nutrition and incorrect exercise can have on our hormones and metabolic functions. I fully understand and have experienced first hand the need for personalized, tailored, individual exercise and nutrition plans for my clients because lets face it, we're all wonderfully different.
I believe that our personalities are as equally different to each other, as our metabolisms, food triggers and exercise needs are. 
So I have totally committed myself to discover the real solutions for individual weight loss, weight gain, obesity and diabetes.
I now fully understand the problems we all face. And my conclusion is, it's not entirely our fault.​ 

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