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Do you struggle with your weight?

  • Are you someone who has tried many diets but can't seem to lose any weight? 
  • Maybe you have had success in the past, kept your weight down for a short time but then gained even more than you lost? 
  • Are you tired of cutting calories and starving yourself with no positive outcome? 

We understand, you just want answers! 

Are you confused with diet information?

  • Tired of the misinformation and confusion by the media or magazines? 
  • Do you over eat or binge eat? 
  • Maybe you feel addicted to some foods. 

If you are interested in cutting edge scientific methods then this is for you

Have you asked yourself these questions?

  • How did I get this fat this fast?
  • Can I lose weight without feeling hungry? 
  • Is there a cure for food addicts?
  • How often should I eat? 
  • Could I have an intolerance? 

Losing weight with us


What you can expect form your experience

During your consultation and first assessment session
We will discuss what you truly want. Sure you may have contacted PREPARE2LOSE because you want to lose weight, but if you don't support your goals with actions, then you will be wasting your time.  Actions speak louder than words! If you feel there may be some issues that will hold you back or slow your progress, we will work together to uncover solutions and understand the cause of your weight gain.  We will discuss your previous experiences with diet and exercise, likes and dislikes. Targets will be set to help you progress towards your ideal weight by evaluating your weight history and performing a body composition assessment. 
Your first personal training session will consist of flexibility and functional assessments and your current fitness level
will determine the intensity and variation of your first few weight loss sessions.

Plan of action
You can exercise for hours everyday in an attempt to lose weight, but if you don't refuel your body and consume enough nutrients you will struggle and ultimately quit, or be forced to stop due to injury. Fundamentally, this is why 9 out 10 people have a hard time losing weight and fail to continue their health or fitness regime.  
I cannot stress enough how vital eating the correct amount of food (calories) daily to support your goals and the importance of where these calories come from. 

Over the course of your weight loss journey we will cover all aspects of health & fitness, giving you the knowledge and information you will need to improve your current lifestyle. We will work together and uncover the principals of eating for nourishment, your eating habits and patterns and any emotional issues which are directly connected to blocking your weight loss. 

That voice in your head
We all have our own reasons as to why we find it difficult to lose weight, some of them genuine and some of them not so genuine. 
In 16 years working with clients I have heard my fair share of excuses.  For some of us the reasons for our weight gain and unhealthy lifestyle can come down to negative self talk, the voice in your head telling you that you don't deserve to feel good about yourself.​​ In reality, this negativity comes from past experiences so we create and rationalize. We tell ourselves why we can't do something on a regular basis. We say 'I'll start Monday' while tucking into a take away on a Thursday, why do we do this? because it makes us feel better, temporarily. Just like that feeling you get when you know the food is on it's way, and guess what? that's temporary too. 
I can promise you one thing and one thing only, the feeling you get from reaching your goal weight and sustaining your weight loss, will last a life time!


I don't have the energy to exercise
​Although in a some cases this can be genuine due to a medical condition, more often than not, its just an excuse or lack of motivation to succeed. 
This is a classic case of 'quitting before you fail' I get it, its tiring to think of all those workouts and hours spent in the kitchen making healthier meals, I've been there. 
Until you take that first step, you won't experience the positive aspects of exercise and eating better.
The more you exercise the more energy you will have, of course, during and after your workout you may feel slightly fatigued but that's where your healthy food will help you recover. You recover and recharge with the healthy food you eat, movement and a fuel source (food) creates energy.
During your workout, whatever it may included - walking, biking, swimming, jogging, aerobics, playing sports or at the gym, the movement increases your heart rate slightly and gets your blood moving around your body. As this happens toxins are cleaned out of your system (THIS IS ANOTHER REASON WHY WATER CONSUMPTION IS SO IMPORTANT) so it helps you to get more motivated and energized throughout the day and following days. Exercising more will also increase your confidence and lowers anxiety and depression ultimately making you feel better about yourself.

I can never find the time to cook healthy meals 
When I first heard this excuse from my clients I used to think, 'I can sympathize'.
I remember thinking I didn't have time to workout or cook at home, (while I'd lay on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon). When you start to look a little further into at a persons schedule and work out how many hours there are in a week, how many hours they sleep, hours they spend at work (including the commute) and how many hours they spend socializing or looking after the kids, something magic happens. All of a sudden out of nowhere unreported hours start to appear.  It only takes 1 hour to exercise, every other day and an hour to prepare lunches for the week ahead. You can save time without compromising nutrition. Supermarkets are never far behind when it comes to the latest food trends and they now realize people want HEALTHY food that's fast and more convenient.
Even though I would always advise WHOLE foods, It is now possible to purchase more plant based food in more convenient ways for example: frozen fruit, steam bag vegetables, pre-cut vegetables, bags of mixed green leaf salads and instant wholemeal rice and pasta. All you need to do is grab the Tupperware from the back of the cupboard and fill them up, adding your favourite seasoning's or low fat/sugar dressings.    

I never feel satisfied on a diet, so I always over eat 
This one is always a tough one to analyse, but it normally comes down to SUSTAINABILITY, that word should be the foundation of everything we do.
When we start our journey to improve our health and ultimately lose weight, if what we do is sustainable, it means we can do it for life. Its a lifestyle change. 
During your consultation we will discuss your eating habits and patterns and workout a way of eating healthy and will be tailored to your appetite. 
I have a big appetite so in the past when I tried cutting calories I would end up lasting a day of two then eat everything In sight, so I changed the way I selected certain foods for my meals. When you do this there is no need for restrictions or cutting out food you like, of course there is still a small amount of control over what you are eating.
As you create more positive routines and good habits, the small amount of control you will need to apply at the start will be the norm, so you will hardly notice the change!.

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